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Who and what is a Mortgage Broker

For starters, I am one!  We bridge the gap between you, the consumer, and the lender.

We are often mistaken as secondary lenders and only be contacted if the bank that has your money can’t get the job done. Let’s make it easy, you should be coming to us first!

Do you need to use a Mortgage Broker?  No, but should you use one? Yes, and here’s why.

We have access to almost all lenders out there and then some.

  • Are you self employed and don’t claim much income to save on taxes? If so, by today’s standards you don’t qualify for a mortgage. We have lenders for you!
  • Do you want to flip a home and need some short-term financing but don’t know where to go? We have options for you!
  • Previously bankrupt? Yes, we have options for you too!

What if you just need a ‘regular’ mortgage? If you have your down payment, a good job, and great credit you should just go to your bank, right?  Still a big NO! You mortgage is the largest sum of debt that you will have, you need to take the time to talk to us.  Its free and if you don’t like what we have to say, or if we aren’t providing value, feel free to walk back into the place with your bank account.  In most cases we are paid directly by the bank for the work we do so when I say free, I mean free!

Banks are great and serve an important purpose, however, don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure you have explored all options and are making the best decision possible?  One phone call or meeting to get some more information is all it takes. There isn’t a downside, you either learn that you are being offered the best mortgage for you, or you get the opportunity to pivot and save some money.  Ask yourself how much research you do before buying a car or a TV and make sure you are giving this the time it deserves.

Mortgage brokers are highly trained and are carefully watched by the powers that be. 99% of the time we are free to use. Call me the next time you are doing anything mortgage.

‘Change your thoughts and you can change your world’

Norman Vincent

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