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Life Insurance

We are going to switch gears a bit and chat about another every important aspect not only when it comes to your mortgage but when it comes to your family.

Insurance-nobody likes to talk about it, let alone get it. We all think we have enough, but do we actually? Usually the time you realize you don’t have it or enough of it, is when its too late

The #1 response I get is I have it through work so I am ok. Do you know what your coverage through work is? Typically its one times your salary is that enough? You could be paying more for additional coverage but what if something happens and you don’t work for that company anymore what happened to all the additional payments you made? They are gone that’s what happened to them.

We are not just talking about death here what if something were to happen to you and you are unable to work in your industry anymore? Or what if you just needed some time to get back to work are you covered? Most employers will have a short term disability benefit that is usually your full income (you need to confirm via your benefits package), but what if you need to go to long term disability? Your income can drop by 30% or more and you have medical expenses, do you have a plan for this?

What if unfortunately you were diagnosed with a critical illness and needed time to recover from it and couldn’t earn an income which your family needs to survive? What if you spouse needed to take time off from their work to help you with your recovery?

We all need a review of our coverages on an annual basis (A lot happens in a year). You should also realized the different options available to you and we can work together to find the one that best fits your situation. Did you know for for life insurance you could have a term policy, a policy connected to your mortgage directly, a universal life or whole life policy? did you know those options are available to you? Do you know the differences?

The 3 main insurances you need to be certain you have adequate coverages for are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance

You may have enough coverage, you may not, you may have enough but want more. But wouldn’t you like to know for sure that you and your family are taken care off incase god forbid something where to happen?

I am here to offer a free review and answer any questions you may have. Let me help you come up with a plan (if needed) to ensure you and your loved ones do not have this additional worry if something were to happen

“ You miss 100% of the shot you don’t take”
Wayne Gretzky

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